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Dayna Blank

Recruiting employees is only the first step – our global brands demand the best, but not more than we demand of ourselves. We have worked hard to develop a culture at Playa that fosters motivation by providing the tools, resources and organizational design to ensure individual and team success. Playa believes that people want to be awesome, and it’s our job as leaders, to make sure it happens.

Ms. Blank has held the leading role in developing and spearheading the high-performance culture at Playa since joining the company in 2014. Throughout, Ms. Blank has established the innovative strategies which have produced several awards and top accolades from the hospitality industry as well as the leading business and consumer publications. Company-wide, Ms. Blank has established the corporate values and guiding principles that support a culture-driven company through the onboarding and rebranding of 21 resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. In addition to supporting brand growth and expansion, Ms. Blank is responsible for overall organizational design, change management, recruitment, and retention. Prior to Playa, Ms. Blank served as Executive Director of Human Resources & Global Staffing at Kerzner International. During her tenure at Kerzner, Ms. Blank notably designed and implemented the Behavioral Based Interview & Selection process as well as managed employee relations and overall federal/multi-state legislative compliance. In addition to numerous certifications and affiliations, Blank earned her MS in Human Resources Management from Nova University and a BS in Education from Towson University.